Shari Goldsberry


Shari Goldsberry is a Board Certified in Family Law attorney and owner of Goldsberry & Associates, PLLC. She serves on the Board of Directors of the State Bar of Texas (2018-2021). In 2010, Shari founded the Freedom Education Center, LLC which focuses on educating those with anger management and addiction issues in the hope that they will make positive changes in their lives.  Shari is one of the founding members of Family Lawyers of Texas, a nonpolitical, nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing members of the family bar together with the judiciary in unique and interesting ways for the betterment of all those impacted by the family court system.  In 2015, Shari developed the highly popular, low cost Highlights Family Law Year in Review CLE series as well as the Spotlight CLE series.  Shari is an active member of the online legal community.